Collaboration for kin and caregivers

HandOff lets you share care routines and health data with family, home health aids, and nurses.

  • See Status

    Get a current snapshot of your loved one's status

  • Manage Care

    Manage your relative's care from a distance

  • Work Together

    Collaborate with family members & caregivers

  • Peace of Mind

    Have peace of mind for your loved one's safety

Get a current snapshot of your loved one's status

The Care Team Dashboard

The Care Team Dashboard displays the patient’s current status at a glance.

  • - Daily and weekly statistics to quickly spot changes
  • - Task and appointment alerts
  • - Comments from the patient, home aid and the family care team

Care Team Dashboard

Monitor Daily Status

Details about the patient's daily status are displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard interface that shows monitored conditions, important appointments and comments from the patient, caregivers, and family care team. Add whoever you choose to include in the patient's circle of care.

Paid home care specialists and visiting nurses can log in to record routine medical status tests.

Share the Care Team Dashboard

The HandOff Account Administrator can share the Care Team Dashboard with caregivers and family members so they can be informed about ongoing conditions and quickly get involved to help out.

Manage your relative’s care from a distance

Daily Care Checklist

Manage, easily and in one place:

  • - Calendar appointments
  • - Daily care routines
  • - Record key health measures
  • - Current care comments

Daily Care Checklist

Track Daily Changes

HandOff provides an easy method to record and track daily changes in health status via a Daily Care Checklist. The simple interface is designed to work on any smart phone or Internet-connected desktop computer.

Statistics such as heart pressure, weight and blood pressure can be recorded. HandOff provides a variety of custom checklists designed to monitor specific medical conditions.

Share It

Sharable with any of your family members, aids and visiting nurses who then contribute their own updates.

Customize It

Configure the Daily Care Checklist to include specific status inputs for your mom or dad’s daily care routine and key health indicators.

Collaborate with family members & caregivers

Family Conference

Coordinate assistance with HandOff.

Get Help

Helping care for family members is stressful, confusing hard work. Success lies in the ability to ask for, get and coordinate help.

HandOff helps to broadcast the patient's needs and current condition and send messages so that family members can focus energies where it is needed most.

Current status is easily visible. Special appointments are reported so that family and care givers know when help is needed. Brief messages appear on the Team Care Dashboard so that the Family Care Team can stay involved. Transparency breeds familiarity and a willingness to step in.

Have peace of mind for your loved one's safety

Focus your love to where it is needed

We love our family members and worry about how they are doing. Being available to help when needed is a priority. HandOff helps to monitor the patient's condition and circumstance so that attention can be focused when needed.

Keeping siblings and family members up to date is important. Organize family care team activities with planning and love, not crisis and acrimony. While each person can't always be there, everyone can share the care, even if only to call and talk. Keeping home care in the open allows everyone to share in financial costs, attention, time burdens and transportation duties.

Peace of mind is knowing that work is getting done and that an elder patient is within safe and normal perimeters and not headed for a train wreck.

Be Appreciated

It takes a loving family to care for a senior patient. Give love and dignity to aging parents. Share responsibilities and schedules to avoid burnout.

Mom and Dad share a quiet moment.

Mom and Dad share a quiet moment.