Frequently Asked Questions

Can I easily personalize the HandOff utility to my specific needs? How customizable is it?

HandOff has a robust set of features that anyone can use. A menu of additional functions and features can be added to accommodate specific medical conditions.

What level of commitment/engagement (time especially) is required of me to use HandOff and will it ultimately help me save or better manage my time that is devoted to caregiving?

The account holder can personalize their HandOff with a simple checklist or drag-n-drop to organize the features they need most. Invite participants by email or social media. Keeping daily records is as easy as sending a txt message or marking a checklist.

How amenable are home care providers to collaborating with me on Mom’s care via HandOff; that is, will I really just be doing this by myself like I always do?

Care givers simply record daily results using their phone, eliminating paper records. In most situations, HandOff will actually make their jobs easier.

Can HandOff help me get my siblings/other family members to engage more in caregiving?

HandOff provides a window into the patient’s current situation and medical history as well as a messaging function to be in touch. Even at a distance family members can be involved.

How useful is HandOff if I am the lone caregiver either by choice or by circumstance?

HandOff is an easy to use record keeping service that allows users to record and track daily statistics, and to view changes on a graph. Records can be exported to a doctor or visiting nurse for speedy diagnosis.