About HandOff

Families face increasing responsibilities for end of life care. This heavy burden on families consumes large and often hidden costs.

HandOff is a record keeping tool to reduce hospital readmission among the elderly due to lack of reliable daily care and health status tracking. HandOff enables family to share real-time care data and histories with each other as well as their clinical care team.

Additionally, access to daily home care records can reduce inefficient and ineffective visits between elderly patients and their doctors and nurses.

HandOff unites spouses, adult children and private-pay aids together into a collaborative, connected, and data-driven team to reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients, families, providers and payers.

HandOff will achieve this through an innovative cloud-based mobile collaboration platform that enables family to share real-time care data and health status with each other as well as their paid help and clinical teams.

HandOff Team:

With a personal commitment to a legacy of better human health, Richard Carpenter has proven abilities in leadership, strategic partnerships, life sciences, and high-powered start-up companies that change the world.

Mom with air tank on motorcycle.

Having a laugh on the way to the hair dresser.

Richard Carpenter took care of both his father and mother at the end of their life. Richard built an addition onto his house and they came to live with his family. Throughout the process of increasingly complex healthcare and status, Richard worked with his cousins and siblings to create a loving caring team along with their home care aid, Jennifer, visiting nurses, physical therapists and hospice nurses and aids.