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Decks, Balconies and Porches

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Residential & Commercial Steel Decks and Architectural Structural Systems

Steel Deck at 21st St. in Manhattan, with carbon steel metal stairs and flagstone decking

Steel Deck, Metal Stairs and Flagstone Decking.

Steel Balconies and Decks

Decks, Porches and Balconies are a functional focal point for family and guests. Extend living area while preserving and even enhancing existing space.

Custom Wrought Iron Railings for Exterior Decks, Balconies and Stairs

Safety fences for high decks are a critical security investment. Icarus Group Ironwork creates many different highly visible decorative designs.

Enjoy the sublime charm and performance of wrought iron balustrades and guardrails that add a dash of dramatic and durable metal to your home.

Icarus Group Ironwork offers quality craftsmanship and design. Our custom designed wrought iron fabrications are secure, robust and durable. Hand-forged to the highest standards, we can create exactly what you are looking for.

Icarus Group Ironwork is passionate about creating raised walking surfaces such as steel decks, balconies or porches, landings, mezzanines, ramps, roof decking and stairs.

We build all types of steel decks and exterior structural construction. Engineered for structural soundness, our quality steel structures adapt to a wide range of architectural designs.

Steel construction is applicable to a wide range of exterior projects and designs. Providing structural strength with less weight, steel decks require minimal maintenance and offer long-term use.

We manufacture a wide range of architectural structures including:

  • Balconies or Julliette Balcony, Landings, Ramps and Mezzanines
  • Steel Decks, Porches, & Breezeways
  • Canopies and Awnings
  • Concrete Roof Decking
  • Arbors & Storage Sheds
  • Steel Stairs and Spiral Staircases
  • Custom Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing, Railing and Guardrails for Decks and Balconies
  • Architectural Partitions
  • Balustrades, Cladding, Spindles and Balusters
  • Structural Steel Beams and Columns
  • Deck Support Posts and Steel Joists

We Provide:

  • Design Consultation for Structural Systems
  • Onsite Steel Erection
  • Mobile, On-Site Welding
  • Metals fabrication in Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron

Icarus Group Ironwork Products

Icarus Group Ironwork offers a wide selection of metalwork products. See our list below or contact us to fill your specific custom need.

Select your style:

  • Contemporary and Modern Design
  • Ornamental Ironwork
  • Old-world Italian and Spanish-style
  • High-quality custom-design to your order

Icarus Group Ironwork creates all of these metalwork products and more:


Chain-link Fences

Metal Picket Fences

Wrought-Iron Fencing

Perimeter Fences

Playground Fencing

Rooftop Fencing

Trash Dumpster Enclosures

Skate Board Guards


Electric Gates

Security Gates

Custom Folding Chain-link Gates

Chain Gates for Retail Environments

Rolling Security Gates for Industrial or Retail Environments

Sliding Gates for Parking Facilities

Driveway & Entry Gates

Garden Gates

Decorative Accent Gates


Circular Stairs

Curved and Spiral Stairs

Custom Mono Stringer & Floating Stairs

Diamond Plate (Steel) Stairs

Diamond-plate Steel Stairs for Exterior Entry

Exterior Fire Escape Steel Stairs

Fire Stairs

Decks and Balconies

Balconies & Decking

Steel Deck & Metal Stairs

Steel-supported Glass Decks

Small Bridges & Access Ramps


Exterior Wall Cladding In Stainless Steel

Public and Commercial Spaces

Retail Environments

Custom Bars

Interior Wall and Column Cladding

Indoor Furniture

Stainless Steel Furniture & Bars

Custom-built Wrought Iron Furniture

Children’s Furniture

Playhouses & Swings


Stainless Steel Wall or Column Cladding

Aluminum door grills

Exterior aluminum crown molding

Storage Sheds

Garden Accents

Water Fountains


False Ceilings

A/C Security Cages

Patio & Outdoor Furniture

Atriums, Arbors
& Pergolas

Gazebos & Kits

Industrial Strength Bike Racks

Tree Guards & Planters

Stainless Steel Bus Stops

Benches & Outdoor Furniture

Trash Can & Recycle Can Enclosures

Hand Railings
& Treads

A.D.A. Compliant
Hand Rails

Balcony Rails

Custom Hand Rails

Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Wrought Iron Railing, Galvanized & Powder-coated

Brass or Steel Railings

Curved-metal Stair Railing


Stainless Steel Doors

Service Elevator & Cellar Doors

Fire-Rated Doors

Dutch Doors


Window Security Grilles and Security Bars

Decorative Window Guards

Custom designed Window Guards

Fire Screens

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