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Internet and Digital Media

Recent Projects

Combining development of compelling search-optimized content with progressively enhanced responsive architectures, Craig Webb Art builds expertly-crafted mobile-first websites that focus on usability while exceeding business objectives.

  • Lawson Galleries

    Lawson Galleries needed a way to create buzz for their California-based fine art gallery and represent their stable of artists. Craig Webb met with the client to sketch layout ideas and created an information architecture for blog content.

  • Silver Fox Renewables

    California solar energy design and installation company Silver Fox Renewables LLC needed a fresh look for their business. Craig Webb researched the solar energy business and worked with the client to write original, searchable content.

  • Icarus Group Ironwork

    Icarus Group Ironwork offers a wide range of custom manufactured products. Craig Webb Art designed the website and wrote original content that put Icarus Group Ironwork on Google’s 1st page for four years, using natural search.

  • Care Hand Off

    xVenturesGroup needed to conduct market-testing and build interest in a health-care app under development. Craig Webb Art worked with the client to brainstorm marketing ideas, create a brand style, marketing materials, live-code prototypes and built the initial website.

  • Shalizar Properties Ltd.

    Shalizar Properties LTD. needed to advertise high-end condominiums and real estate investment opportunities in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Craig Webb Art designed and built a clean, sophisticated website presentation utilizing all of the new eye-candy of very-early HTML5/CSS3.

  • Mural Mural on the Walls

    Mural Mural on the Walls offers a unique community art education program. Craig Webb wrote original website content to promote the client’s services and built a website architecture to display photographs from the program.

  • Randall’s Auto Body

    Randall’s Auto Body services hi-end automotive vehicles for exacting clients. Craig Webb Art designed and built a website to feature Randall’s full range of services. Original website content lands Randall’s Auto Body on Page One of Google for ten years and counting.

  • Bill Miller Photography

    NYC-based Real Estate photographer Bill Miller Photography needed a new website portfolio. Craig Webb Art proposed a website architecture with multiple photo-galleries that include written content to add interest and build SEO.

  • TB1 Associates LLC

    NYC-based private investigators TB1 Associates LLC needed a website to launch a business. Craig Webb Art worked with the client to outline the services that they offer and built a simple website that echoed the client’s branding.

Internet Media and Digital Development

Great Internet communications make your business thrive like no other marketing medium today.

Modern websites are composed of a combination of search-optimized content, graphics, and a code layer progressively enhanced for display on browsers, mobile devices and tablets.

Additional dynamic functionality and integration with third-party cloud-based services is the norm.

Craig Webb Art designs and builds online communications, creates original content and brand identity.

We provide a full range of services, collaborate, or act as part of your development team.

Each website is designed to meet specific needs. Contact Craig Webb Art to build a powerful world-wide presence.

Craig Webb Art provides all aspects of New Business Communications Development including project management, creative development, copywriting and graphic design.